About Us

Clear Advantage Pantry was designed originally for personal use.  We never intended to market it but we were never happy with our pantry cabinet.  We could not find anything easily and only the items in front of the pantry were visible.  Cans and boxes of food expired before we could use them.  We didn’t know if we had a certain item and frequently bought duplicates or started to cook feeling certain we had a cabinet staple, but we didn’t or we couldn’t find it.  We wasted so much money.

The final straw for me was when something exploded and was running down the back of the pantry cabinet and I couldn’t find what it was.  Everything was covered in this mess and I had to drag out every item and wash it.  It was then that I saw clearly how many items had expired.  I had just had it with my cluttered cabinets and cheap organizers that would only hold tiny items or sagged from weight over time.  There had to be a better way, and that’s where the idea for Clear Advantage Pantry was born!

We built a prototype. It was a great start, but needed a few tweaks and over time we perfected it.  Friends who came over were amazed and wanted to purchase it.  A professional kitchen designer saw it and said he wanted one just like it in his kitchen and we should get it patented.  It took almost 3 years to perfect and acquire a patent.  When we acquired the patent, a large home improvement store liked it, but their contract would have made the product so expensive to the end-user that we decided to start out by going directly to the consumer…YOU!

I love my Clear Advantage Pantry.  I use it every single day and it makes my life easier and saves me time and money.  I hope you enjoy yours as much as I do.  Thanks for stopping in.

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