Upper Drawers


The drawers are custom cut to width and work in pairs on the wider cabinets. Traditional cabinets are 24″ deep and have a fixed shelf about shoulder high.  This makes the top 1/3 of most cabinets basically useless except for the very front of the cabinet.  One cannot see or reach items near the back or on the upper shelves. With Clear Advantage and drawers in pairs, when fully extended items can be seen through the bottom and accessed by reaching over the sides.  Large items such as cereal boxes and snacks are normally stored in the upper drawers.


When fully extended items can be seen clearly through the bottom of the acrylic drawer.


Vertical Rollout Units

The Vertical Rollout Units are made as three standard size units “A”,”B”,”C”.

“A” Unit Extended


The “A” unit has a back with 3 shelves designed to hold large items such as boxes and large bottles.  The wine rack shown is optional and can be added on any shelf at an additional cost.

“B” Unit Extended


The “B” Unit is designed using a center divider with shelves on both sides so that cans and bottles can be easily seen and accessed without reaching over any other items.  This unit will hold 56 standard size cans or bottles.

The “C” unit is half “B” unit and is used in cabinets that are to narrow  for the full “B” unit.

Bottom Rollout Shelf

The bottom rollout shelf is designed with 130 pound capacity full extension pantry slides and sits on the floor of the cabinet.  Heavy items can be easily accessed without crawling into the cabinet.

Clear Advantage furnishes the support shelf and vertical supports that support the vertical rollout units.  This is done due to the large loads our units will carry.  Drawer supports are also furnished with the drawers.

All Support structure is a black high density plastic that matches the high gloss black acrylic trim.

Our units are semi-custom and can be bought as individual pieces.  We need the basic dimensions of your cabinets to see what works best to maximize your space and to provide and accurate estimate.  Contact us to Learn More