Closet Pantry

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Clear Advantage also works well in a pantry closet that is 24″ deep.  The Drawers, Vertical Rollout Units and Bottom Rollout Shelf operate the same as in a pantry unit.  We custom cut the support and shelves for each individual closet.

All units are now trimmed in black acrylic instead of wood.  Door baskets can also be used as shown, but are not furnished by Clear Advantage.

“Organization is really important to me. Clear Advantage Pantry allows me to organize an see every item in my pantry.” – Diane

Walk-in Pantry

Clear Advantage Units can be used in a walk-in pantry to maximize space.  Shown is a before and after walk-in pantry.


Mikes Before


Mikes After

“My Clear Advantage Pantry is just amazing! It stores more food items that I could store in my walk-in pantry.” – Michele